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Geotechnical Design of Shallow Foundations

Geotechnical Design of Deep Foundations

Geotechnical Design of Wind Turbine Foundations

Bulkhead Design

Support of Excavation Design

Retaining Wall Design

Slope Stability Analysis

Slope Stabilization Design

Ground Stabilization Design

Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design

Dewatering System Design

Earthquake Engineering

Site-Specific Spectral Response Analysis

Embankment Design

Finite Element Modelling (FEM) and Analysis

WEAP, CAPWAP and PDA Analyses for Driven Pile Foundations

Liquefaction Analysis and Mitigation

Expansive Shale Evaluation and Mitigation

Evaluation and Mitigation of Ground Subsidence

Design of EPS Geofoam Solutions for Settlement Control

Design of Pre-load/Surcharge for Ground Improvement

Design of Crane Pads and Haul Roads

Geophysical Investigation

Vibration Induced Settlement Evaluation

Expert Witness Consultation Services- Foundation and Soils Engineering

Forensic Investigation - Foundation and Soils Engineering

Vibration Induced Settlement Evaluation

Geotechnical Engineering Consultation


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